Legal Aid

If you are experiencing a situation in which you may require legal assistance you are probably concerned about your ability to pay for legal counsel. Everyone knows that legal services can be incredibly expensive and your job might not provide enough income for you to be able to afford your legal expenses. If you are in a situation that requires legal services and you do not feel that you can afford it there may be help available through legal aid.

Legal aid is available to people who are dealing with specific concerns and who meet the financial criteria necessary to qualify for legal aid. Legal aid differs from province to province, in Ontario you need to demonstrate financial need in order to qualify for legal aid. This means that after paying your necessities each month you should have little or no money left over. So, if you rent and have plenty of money to cover your monthly expenses than you will probably not qualify for Ontario legal aid.

Legal aid is available for specific situations. One of the most common is housing assistance. If you have moved to a new area, houses and apartments can be hard to find. Legal aid can advise tenants about their right and the responsibilities of their landlord as well as going over documents such as housing contracts. In addition legal aid will refer tenants to other services as needed.

Another type of legal aid available is civil legal aid. If you have been injured while on the job and you are unable to afford legal representation legal aid may be able to help. One of the civil services they offer are in issues of workplace safety. They also offer assistance with insurance claims, power of attorney, and Canadian Pension Plan appeals. If you are in need of civil legal aid you should contact your local legal aid office or visit the legal aid website to see if you qualify for a legal aid certificate.

If your improvement classes have not been working you might find that you are in need of criminal legal representation. This is yet another area in which legal aid can be of assistance. Whether you are an adult or a young offender you should contact your local legal aid office if you feel that you cannot afford to pay for legal representation. Even if you are initially turned down for a legal aid certificate you can appeal the decision if you believe that an error has been made. Legal aid can be invaluable to individuals who require legal assistance but are unable to afford to pay for legal counsel.

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