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Before you make the decision to initiate, inquire, or become involved with an ongoing class action lawsuit, it is important to understand the different aspects of your decision. In a separate section on this site we discuss some of the facts surrounding class action law and its practice. In this section, we will be dealing specifically with the pros and cons of class action law.

You might find it a bit surprising that on a site dedicated to the class action lawsuit, we put the cons forward at all. The fact is, though, that what we want to do is provide our readers with the best information possible, so that they can make the right decision for them when it comes to class action law and lawsuits. In the movies, class action seems like it's always terrifying, with the underdog putting up their home for sale in Brampton to fight the big executive. Maybe it's not like that in real life, but there are definitely risks. While we do not think that there are too many cons involved when one analyzes the class action lawsuit, a person may want to decide that for themselves. You might find that something that we find negligible is, in fact, something that is a major negative in your own decision making process, and thus decide to weigh it with more importance than we do.

This is, of course, the true aim of this site; to provide you with all the information possible when it comes to class action law. Class action lawsuits in Canada are different from those in other countries, thus there may be some pros, as well as some cons, that you are oblivious to. In addition, some of the facts surrounding class action lawsuits can be either positive or negative, depending on one's point of view. We do our best to see all the facts from several different sides, and in this section we will look at what could be negative about some of the facts.

Of course, most of the facts about class action lawsuits will have positive rather than negative aspects. We expect that the majority of the information you will find in this section will focus on the positive aspects of class action law. Because our main goal is to assist you in your decision making process, you can expect to find two points of view on most of the information on this site in this section. For example, one portion of class action law might carry negative connotations for one person and positive aspects for another. Again, this will depend on the way in which an individual sees the world, and the options open to you as a person. There could also be information on cross-province suits. If there are people in different portions of the country filing suit, it may be better for you to fight.

Before you become involved in a class action lawsuit in Canada, it is important to have as much information at your disposal as possible. We are complementing our facts section on the site with this pros and cons section, which puts the different facts into perspective from a couple of different points of view. For some, the reasons behind weighing the facts as pro or con will be the ultimate tool in deciding whether or not to pursue a case as a class action. Canada class action law has different pros and cons from other countries, so it is important to have access to good and applicable information through this site.

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