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When we seek out advice for content on our website, we seek out the best. In this instance we consulted to law team at If you're a first-time buyer or you are planning on buying or selling a home without an agent, a real estate lawyer can help you answer your questions, help you negotiate, and take care of many of the little details you might not be aware of. Whether you are selling London, Ontario real estate or a chalet in Whistler, the help of a real estate lawyer can make the home buying or selling process a lot easier.

The first thing you should do if you are looking for a downtown condo and want the assistance of a real estate lawyer is talk to people you know to get some referrals. You are going to want a real estate lawyer who is going to work hard for you and be completely honest with you, so it's a good idea to ask some friends, coworkers or neighbours who they recommend and why. They will also be able to help you weed out the shifty lawyers who won't work hard for you. If you are using a real estate agent or a Realtor, you should also ask them who they recommend. It's a good idea to use a real estate lawyer that is recommended by your agent because they have probably worked together in the past and know how to move power of sale properties in Mississauga, for example, efficiently.

Once you find a real estate lawyer that is right for you, it's important to understand their role. Most real estate lawyers will prepare and register legal documents, clarify or modify terms of the mortgage, arrange transfers and security deposits and they'll make sure there are no hidden tax liens on the property you're buying. Whether you are buying Halifax or Oakville real estate, the most important thing a real estate lawyer can do for you is to help you understand purchase contracts and sales agreements. Most people view real estate contracts and complete gibberish so it's important to hire someone who knows the language so you can better understand what you're doing. Remember, buying a home is not like buying a pack of gum, so do not skip out on hiring a lawyer to help you with the tough technicalities. It's important to be careful because some non-legal services claim they can do this work at a lower price. The difference is that attorneys belong to a regulated profession with standards to meet and insurance that covers damages if they err or make an omission, and these non-legal services do not. So it's important to do your homework.

All in all, whether you are buying or are selling your old Victorian home, it's really important to hire a real estate lawyer who will explain terms of the contract with you and generally make this process that much simpler.

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